Pig Burritos are Totally a Thing

Kids are so weird. And impressionable.  I am also pretty weird and impressionable. So my work day is usually punctuated with odd social encounters with children. Since we are a silly bunch, we create quite a few running jokes, ideas, and songs. The potatoes, for instance (If you have no idea what I’m talking about: I get paid for this.). Or calling a fifth grade boy “Monday’s Lunch” because of a conversation we had a month ago.  It happens a lot. It’s who we are as a group.

We have several kids who like pigs. For years now, pigs have been a thing. I read them Charlotte’s Web last year; so lots of pig-related crafts there. I’m guessing my own preference for pigs probably influences that slightly as well. Along with turtles, pigs were definitely my favorite animal as a child. They were also the beginnings of my understanding of our food system. In elementary school, I stopped eating pork after I saw an episode of Reading Rainbow that showed me where pepperoni came from.

Okay, so burritos, or bretos as they were spelled in the original artwork, are also a thing. I can’t pinpoint an exact origin for it, but this past October, a second grade girl IMG_1261started drawing pictures of burritos. And then pumpkins with burritos. And then all sorts of beautiful nonsense with burritos. But of course, it’s spelled “breto,” which is a clever way to try to spell what she heard. In the first drawing, it’s evident that she’s trying to sound out the word as it is written down the page in various forms of “bbbreto,” settling on “breto.”  We turned that into a song to the tune of “skinnamarink.” A later drawing featuring pumpkins was fashioned into a rap of “Pumpkin breto, Pumpkin breto! Lettuce. Lettuce. WINGS!”

I always keep my activity calendar free on Wednesdays. It allows some leeway for implementing creative ideas or keeping it chill.  Somewhere, the internet had informed me that Wednesday, March 1, 2017 was National Pig Day. Enter pig burritos. I whipped up an example and created a stencil for the head on Tuesday and we were ready for our Mystery Craft. The kids were totally stoked about it! A couple of kids who missed the craft even asked to make it later- one of them just had to have a pig burrito bookmark!

Here’s my example. Obviously, you don’t eat pig bretos, pigs nap in them! The brown spots are supposed to indicate scorch marks on the tortilla. Or as one of the kids suggested, they could also be wallow mud.



I don’t even know what to do with all these pig bretos! Some of the kids added lettuce and tomato. A couple gave theirs wings. Okay, that one with yellow wings only LOOKS like he’s bleeding profusely from the mouth. I promise it’s supposed to be tomatoes, I asked about it. I’m a big fan of the one on the far left that appears to have sunk into a burrito and be pretty surprised about it.


I love that the pig breto is holding a tiny taco! Great detail work on both of these.


Really, its the small and often ridiculous things in life that make it so great.



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