This totally just happened!

Yesterday on my way to work, my check engine light came on and my car did a bit of stuttering (blarg). So this morning I took my car to the auto shop. I am naturally a bit stressed about the potential cost of car repairs as I hang out in the waiting area. I gazed out the window and I saw an adolescent cat walking in the parking lot towards the road. Yay, a kitten! Of course I walk outside to pet the cat and deter it from actually going into the road.

But it wasn’t just one cat. It was a friend group of three animals and it made my day! Prepare yourself.


Okay, are you ready?

I. Just. Can’t.
Boss Hog

That pig was for real the leader of the group. Once he realized that I didn’t have food for them, he emitted a few grunts to his companions, and they went on their way back home.

Thanks, pig and friends, for bringing me back to the present moment.


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