Pig Conclusion

As you know from my post a few days ago (This totally just happened!), I met a pig and some cats at my mechanic’s shop. Well here is the exciting conclusion of my adventure.

The shop had to order parts for my car, so I went back to get them installed.  Of course, I was hoping to see the pig again. I had told the kids at work about my adventure (pictures and all) and promised that I’d do my best to take a pig selfie.

My plan was to pick one of the last carrots from my garden as a peace offering. I managed to forget several things at home- a book to read while waiting, and the carrot, among some other items. I did, however, remember to bring my breakfast of a couple of corn muffins with me. So I sat in the waiting room, not reading, and ate all but one bite of my muffins.

A couple in their late teens or early twenties was also in the waiting room. They did not appear to be having a good day. After sitting in relative silence for about ten minutes, I decided to see if maybe the pig was outside. I stepped outside, and there he was with one cat friend.

I was pumped! I hopped back into the shop to grab my phone and muffin bit. When I say “hopped,” I mean it. I walked in and announced to the woman working there, “THE PIG IS BACK! THE PIG IS BACK!” while doing some sort of impromptu jig in my excitement. The young couple gave me some serious WTF looks, which I ignored, because, uh, there’s a pig outside!

I went outside prepared to befriend the pig. As I am cooing to the pig and telling him I brought a treat, the couple came out to see what’s up. The girl, arms across her chest, looked, gave a faint smile, and returned to the waiting room. The boy hung out, eventually picked up the cat and cuddled it as I talked to the pig and attempted to take pictures. He seemed happier then he did before and even began to chat with me about how he grew up on a big farm. Pig power!

When I offered up the muffin bit, I informed the pig, “I brought this for you. I just made these. It’s vegan!” I definitely had a pig eat a muffin bit out of my hand. He wagged his tail enthusiastically as he ate. He wanted more. I can safely say that my Corn Muffins recipe is pig approved!

Pig party= Day made!

Just a pig taking a walk with his bestie.
Why yes, I will sample this fare.
I’m a pig and I approve this muffin!



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