What the fleep?!

My friend Brian is the owner of Old’s Cool, a neato vintage store. It started specifically as a vintage toy store, but when he relocated a few years ago, he expanded his inventory. He has heaps of vinyl, some retro furniture, odd retro knick knacks, old signs, and, of course, toys. He calls it an antique store for the next generation. Translation: So many toys from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Seriously. In need of something He-Man or some original Nintendo games? Old’s Cool is your place! Need one of those plastic-smock Halloween costumes complete with creepy mask? You guessed it, Old’s Cool has some.

I intentionally did not photograph the mask. Too creepy.


Okay, now that you understand what kind of shop this is, we can get to the real story.

Last week I stopped by Old’s Cool to catch up with Brian and return a table I had borrowed. As we were talking, something behind Brian caught my eye. It was colorful, weird, and based on the color tones and font, I was guessing from the late 1960s. I kept staring at it, until finally I broke and asked, “what the heck is that?” So we investigated it together and we just don’t know.

Oh, I will tell you what it was. It was a game from 1970. It was The Fleep House Game. Seriously, I just don’t know.


My first reaction was “is that suppose to be Grimace’s family?!” If you don’t know Grimace, he was a character in McDonald’s advertising who began as an evil monster, but turned into one of the good guys. Maybe Fleep is Grimace’s last name. Grimace Fleep. And I did my research, The Fleep House Game is copyrighted 1970 and Grimace was introduced in 1971. Coincidence?


Back to the actual game. Here are all the pieces parts to The Fleep House.

The game “board.” Obviously some kid played with this enough to require taping it together.
Fleeps come in two styles, jubilant or depressed.


We can’t forget the rules to the game. I love how they give variations of play which all end with “continues the same as in game 1.” It seems that even the game itself is hoping that you can come up with a better version.4380F3D5-B940-41C0-A08B-7C13886671B2


Here is my action shot of the game in use!



Okay, so what is the deal with the “QUIET Fleep asleep” sign? All of the fleeps are quite obviously awake and intensely feeling an emotion. I mean, unless fleeps sleep with their eyes open. I have so many questions! Why did someone think this was a great idea for a game? Honestly though, I am SO GLAD someone thought this was a great idea for a game!

I tried to look up more about it, but the interweb has nothing. Just a few people trying to sell it. I have a feeling that Parker Brothers isn’t going to create a throwback version anytime soon (but maybe they should).

Interested in more vintage finds? Check out the Old’s Cool website:



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