Happy Halloween!

While Halloween is not my favorite holiday, it certainly has its moments. For instance, it’s the one time of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to wander about singing The Monster Mash or speaking to people in a Dracula voice. (Yes, I have done both of those things within the last week.)

Of course, because I work with kids, I still experience Halloween like a kid- minus the trick or treating. I couldn’t even tell you when I last attended an adult Halloween party…. 2007, maybe? I remember one of the last times I did, my “friend” neglected to tell me that the party I was attending (a week before Halloween) was, in fact, a Halloween costume party. So there I was just wearing my regular clothes, but peeps kept asking me if I were dressed up like a hippie. *insert eye roll here*

Right, anyway. To ensure some Halloween smiles, I’m sharing some amazing artwork by a fourth grade boy. Enjoy!


Can we talk about how the original artistic choice was to give this candy corn rows of sharp fangs? I love that it was going to be this scary candy corn monster wearing kinky boots! I guess the need for alliteration overcame him.



So. Many. Things. First of all, apparently this child equates high-heeled, fashion boots with fierceness. Look, I’m not saying that he’s wrong, I’m just saying that maybe kinky boots aren’t the best choice for your werewolf basketball game. Secondly, along with the boots, I’m not sure pearl necklaces are regulation athletic gear. Third, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this child recently has seen the 1985 movie Teen Wolf. And fourth is the spelling “warewolfs.” Like this teenage werewolf girl houses goods for other werewolves. “Come on down to Warewolf’s for all your werewolf needs. We have loads of tattered flannels, styling products for your luscious mane, whitening toothpastes for that fresh fang gleam, and Warren Zevon albums to soundtrack your night!” 

Happy Halloween, friends!


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