Birthday Minute

I want to share with you a happy, silly thing I do.  I celebrate my “birthday minute.” Your birthday minute is not the actual time you were born, but rather the clock creating your birth month and date. Thus, my August 14th birthday is 8:14. And since it’s not your actual birth time, you have two opportunities every day to see it!

Whenever I catch my birthday minute on a digital clock, I do a little dance. I usually sing a birthday minute song- “It’s my birthday minute.” I’m not sure what its original tune was, but now it’s a mix of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” and Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm is Gonna Get You.” (Can we talk about how those two songs can oddly blend into one another?)

The thing is, once you start noticing your birthday minute, you will be surprised at how often you see it. Even my partner tells me when he notices it’s 8:14. Sometimes he sends me screenshots of his phone showing my birthday minute. Knowing I was going to write about it, I tried to follow suit and screenshot or photograph it when I saw it. (Double score on October 20th, he and I both got it!)

At first I thought this was just something that I did, but then a few years ago, my younger cousin mentioned that she also enjoys her birthday minute. We proceeded to have a whole conversation about how other people have no idea what we’re talking about. Neither one of us had ever met anyone else that celebrates their birthday minute! This leads me to believe that there are a whole bunch of other people who are also finding small joy in their birthday minute.

Another number I see ALL THE TIME is 747. It was the begininning to my childhood phone number.  While I’m not nearly as stoked for this as I am for my birthday minute, I still smile and think/say “it’s 747.”E70E8A60-0E32-4FAE-9881-116F4284F395

Life can get stressful. Being a human being is a complicated business. One of the keys to happiness is to be able to create your own joy in small things. Is celebrating your birthday minute going to relieve crippling depression? No. However, finding small opportunities for happiness is a step towards an overall change in being.  The true nature of self is peace. All joy comes from within. Sometimes we just need an external reminder to tap into it.

What are some small joys in your life?


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