Edith Wants My Attention

If you have ever lived with cats, you totally know how it goes. They want what they want when they want it. Edith tends to be especially persistent when she wants to be cuddled. I took these pictures on her THIRD round of trying to get my attention. Her actions were also accompanied by adorable cat chirps.  Between the dogs and cats, I’m not sure how I manage to get anything done!

Side note: My pants match her eyes. Cat friend goals!


“Hello. I’ve noticed that you are working on something. I would like a hug please.”


“Um, Excuse me, friend, I was talking to you.”


“About that hug… I was serious.”


“Okay, I’m coming up.”


Mission accomplished.


Thanks for all the love, Edith!


P.S. Since people tend to ask, I’ll tell you why her name is Edith. She is named after my great-aunt who was small, grey, kind, and loving- just like the cat. 🙂


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