A Winter Moment

Photo: Winter Solstice 2016

I’d like to share a moment of my Winter Solstice. Yesterday, I took a moment to sit outside under my favorite tree, Winddancer, and just be. My mind began to wander and I was thinking about work emails and things to do. I caught myself and thought “you don’t need to do that now. Just be here and enjoy right now,” and took a mindful breath.

In the very moment of my breathing, I heard the fluttering of bird wings right above my head. I looked up reflexively, but of course the bird had already flown past. Then I heard chirping very close by. Two little birds were in Winddancer’s branches and were singing to me. Yes, I mean that. Both birds kept looking at me with various turns of their heads and would occasionally flutter over to a branch even closer to me. It was apparent their conversation was directed to me.

I wished them a good morning and we sat together for about a minute. Still chattering away, the two birds flew over to a group of privet trees just to my left and continued to direct attention to me. One flew over to a gate on my porch and a large male cardinal suddenly appeared behind him. All of the birds were chirping happily. At one point there were at least five birds singing and flying around me.  I grabbed my phone to try to take pictures, but that broke the spell. The encounter lasted at least four solid minutes.

Here are the pictures I was able to get:

These are the two birds that started this encounter. One is more hidden on the right.
Small brown bird and cardinal.


To make this moment even better, just the day before I had been thinking about childhood expectations. Specifically about how I wanted to be able to commune with with nature/animals (in a fantastic way, like in a Disney movie). And then the universe went and did it!

This is not the first time birds have hung out with me, but it was the most obvious time that they’ve seemed to specifically interact with me. I do have a bird feeder, but I don’t put out feed regularly. I did put some out last week. It’s entirely possible that the birds associate me with bird seed. I usually put out feed on Solstice, so I put more out for my bird friends after our lovely encounter.

I love moments of every day magic!


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