It’s Been a Whole Year!

Back in 2014, I was curious to see how much bread I baked in a year so I began to write it down. Now I have a little notebook where I write down my kitchen adventures. Since today my blog is a year old, I tallied up last year’s baked goods to see how much I made. Short answer: a whole lot! Long answer: well, see for yourself. (The numbers in the list below indicate the amount of times I made the item/recipe, not the amount of invidual items themselves.)

That totals to 180 kitchen adventures. I didn’t include things I only made once during the year or my regular daily cooking. I think it’s safe to say I spend a lot of time in my kitchen! Also, only two people live in my house… So maybe I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I have to say that although I was originally a bit reluctant to start a blog (“it’ll just be more internet noise” I said), I love that I’ve essentially created my own cookbook. Since I don’t usually write things down, I always make things slightly differently which isn’t normally a problem. But now when I want to recreate a recipe or cannot remember what I put in my cashew spread (seriously, I always forget one ingredient), I can check it out here!

I have enjoyed sharing recipes and silly stories with you, friends. There will certainly be more to come. Be well.

Lovely rainbow sunrise.

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