Portraits in Crayon

Back in December, a first grade girl took to drawing pictures of me at the end of the day. I was changing the bulletin board at work when a kindergartner approached me and asked me if I had any pets. His question answered, he trotted back to the first grader he had been hanging out with. He returned needing to know how many cats and dogs? And also, what did my pets looks like? Minutes later I was given this awesome picure of me and my pets. She had been sending her envoy to ask questions so she could surprise me.

Here I am taking a walk with my cats and dogs:

One of the first portraits. I was wearing a cranberry-colored tunic top that day.

I’ve had kids draw pictures of me in the past, but never quite so many and with such attention detail- she always tries to match my outfits and hairstyle! This is adorable. So of course, I had to take a couple of selfies so I could text my BFF the outfits along with the drawings. I’m glad I did because now I have these great side by side comparisons!

She even tried to copy the design on my pants!
This is one of my favorite portraits.

Sometimes I have hands and feet and sometimes I don’t. However, I am ALWAYS smiling. She knows I’m vegan so she’ll draw me eating fruit. She draws me gardening not because she knows that I have a garden, but because she thinks I “look like someone who would like it.”

It’s easy to feel like we are not making a difference or that we are replaceable. There is more love in the world than we acknowledge. Our smallest kindnesses ripple out into the universe. We are always beautiful when viewed through the lens of love. Here are some portraits drawn from the heart by a first grader.






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