Baking with Friends!

One of my young friends is about to head to middle school in a couple of weeks. I’m used to seeing her almost everyday during the school year, so just a little sad face here. I invited her to come over and learn to bake muffins with me; that way we could spend some extra time together and she’d begin to learn a new skill.

When her dad dropped her off, we were stoked to see that we had chosen similar styled outfits. I mean, great minds think alike, right? Once Sam, my 100 pound golden retriever, managed to get over his excitement at a new visitor, we were able to tie on some adorable aprons and get down to some serious baking.

We made Cinnamon Donut Muffins which are fun because you get to dip the muffins in topping after they bake. We blended in some whole wheat pastry flour and even some wheat bran (just 1/4 cup subbed for equal part unbleached all purpose flour) so we could pretend they were healthy. We also doubled the recipe and added pecans only to the second half. We did not double the nutmeg (used 2 teaspoons), nor did we fully double the sugar. I did learn a valuable lesson on this kitchen adventure: raw sugar does not work as well as granulated sugar for rolling muffin tops in. For real, that sugar went almost every where but the muffin tops! They still look beautiful and delicious though!9B522907-7C07-4505-927F-841928B057D9

Muffins and other quick breads are a great introduction to baking for kids or anyone who’s not totally at home in the kitchen. They don’t take but so long to make and they can be pretty hands on without being overly complex. The hardest part was waiting for them to cool enough so we could eat them! Just look at my lovely baking assistant (photographed and featured with parental permission, of course):

Measuring flour like a champ.
Coating with sugar.
Concentrating on the task at hand.
You can’t argue with those results!


Happy baking, friends!


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